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Welcome to Sam Pedros!

Welcome to Sam Pedro's Ethno Emporium! est. 2011

A brave new world of ornamental & ceremonial cacti, plants, seeds, spores & more.

SamPedro's is open! Bsuiness as usual!

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We have been collecting and growing ethnobotanic cacti and plants since 1999. Now Sam Pedros has brought them all together in one place so that you can reap all the benefits of our collection. 

We grow most of our own cacti, seeds and traditional medicinal plants & with worldwide shipping you can have your own magic garden. 



PEYOTE CACTUS usually in stock, as are PEYOTE SEEDS. (Both 'normal' and clumping forms!)

Many other wonderful ceremonial cacti and seeds too, including San Pedro, Trichocereus bridgesii Peruvian torch and many more!

This year we have strated selling our SALVIA DIVINORUM live plants and many others too including TOOTHACHE PLANT (ACMELLA OLERACEA), a fantastic natural local anaesthetic, AFRICAN DREAM ROOT (SILENE CAPENSIS) an old world visionary herb and the legendary WORMWOOD (ARTEMISIA ABSINTHIUM) known for being the magic ingredient in the drink, Absinthe.

We also now stock ABSINTHE KITS so you can create your own ABSINTHE at home!

After many requests we now have MICROSCOPY MUSHROOM SPORE SYRINGES back in stock!

Our seed collection is expanding daily and recently we added HOODIA GORDONII,an African succulent,  HENNA (LAWSONIA INTERMIS) seeds from the famous HENNA tree, used for skin and hair dye and WHITE SAGE (SALVIA APIANA) usually used in rituals for smudging.

Our BLOG is regularly updated with pictures, tips and growing advice. Please SEND US your plant pictures and we can put them on the BLOG for everyone to see!

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New plants and seeds are being added to our collection all the time, so if you cant find the botanical specimen you are looking for please CONTACT US and we will be happy to help. Sam Pedros can help you find the plant you seek. 


Sam Pedro's Ethno Emporium. 'Generating the divine within'


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